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नगरपालिका सूचना

Bhimeshwor Municipality came fourth in MCPM result.

Bhimeshwor Municipality came fourth among all municipalities in 2069/70 MCPM result.

Social Security Allowance Name-list.

 Social Allowance is being distributed from Agricultural Development Bank,Charikot. Below is the name-list for social allowance FY 2070/071.

Parking Management Notice !!

Parking fee will be charged from Paush 15, 2069 in Charikot and Dolakha Bazar area as assigned area.

Charikiot Bazar Area

An Orientation Programme on Earthquake Prepaaredness and National Building Code, 2069

According to studies Dolakha is one of the mountainous districts of Nepal which is under high risk of earthquake. Carikot, the burgeoning city in Bhimehswor Municipality is witnessing the escalating numbers of buildings, moslty not following the earthqauke safety measures.

Town Development Fund Program.

At the request of Bhimeshwor Municipality Office, following programs are under observation by the technical support of Town Development Fund (TDF).

1. Multipurpose Building with Public Toilet

2. Urban Environment Improvement Project

3. Bhimeshwor Water Supply Project

Social Mobilization Program.


The Social Mobilization Program has been implementes in wards 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12 and 13 of this Municipality in FY 2068/069. The program will soon be implemented in the remaining wards (1,2 and 10) in the coming fiscal years.

New location of Bhimwshwor Municipality Office.

It is informed that the Bhimeshwor Municipality Office has moved at Shiva Maya rimal's house, Manedanda, Charikot (Adjoining Milijuli Co-operative Office).