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नगरपालिका सूचना

Orientation program on "Child-Friendly Local Governance".

Orientation program on "Child-Friendly Local Governance" Venue: Hotel Shailung, Charikot Time: 11:00am-5:00pm Date: 2071 Mansir 12 & 13.

Audit Notice for FY 2070/71.

सूचना ! सूचना !! सूचना !!!

प्रथम पटक प्रकाशित मिति २०७१/०८/०९

Annual Review, FY 2070/71

Annual Review Meeting of FY 2070/71 is being conducted at Hotel Shailung, Charikot on 28th Kattik 2071

Mr. Sanjay Bahadur Rajlawat as an Executive Officer of Bhimeshwor Municipality.

Mr. Sanjay Bahadur Rajlawat has officially joined Bhimeshwor Municipality as an Executive Officer from September 18, 2014.

3 Days Q-GIS Training conducted at Bhimeshwor Municipality

A 3 days' QGIS training has been conducted at Bhimeshwor Municipality on Urban Mapping. The training has been conducted with the aim of capacity development of the staffs present here by Genesis Consultancy (P) Ltd.

Bhimeshwor Municipality to be announced ODF Area on 18th Magh, 2071.

WWASHCC (Ward Water Sanitation snd Hygiene Coordination Comittee) formation and orientation program is going to be held by Bhimeshwor Municipality on the facilitation of CDF/SEBAC Nepal on following date and place.

Ward No.